5 Ways to Improve Pictures for your Blogs


I remember the first time I heard the word “blog”. I thought it just might be the funniest word I had ever heard. It took me a while to get used to  it, and to even know what it meant. But now, 8 years later, the word “blog” is used in every day conversation. The blogging world is taking over, and you better be ready for it.

There is one powerful tool that can separate your blog (whether just a personal journal, or a photography blog) from all the others. It’s something that will keep your readers scrolling, or send them on to the next site. That tool is the proper use of pictures. Here, I offer a few ways to make your pictures more appealing and fitting to your online journal:

1. Invest

If you are serious about your blogging, then it’s time to get serious about your camera. I’m sure by now you have noticed the difference between a pictures shot with a measly point and shoot compared to one with a dSLR. Need help deciding on which one to get? Refer back to this article. If you want to make it more interesting, try using different types of cameras like Holgas, Polaroids, etc. for a different style.

2. Simplify

Is your blog for a business? Or just personal? Either way, your pictures should be free of unnecessary distractions. In order to get your story told, or your product sold, you need to learn how to find nice lighting, a simple background, and voila. A nice, simple picture that will get your readers hooked.  Oh, and one more thing. Instead of posting 5 pictures of the same thing, but maybe each one has a slightly different angle, just choose your favorite one and post it. Pictures lose their impact if they are repeated too often.

3. Lighten Up

You’ll find that one of the most common problems in photographs is that they are underexposed and flat.  Once you have your pictures, find a program that allows for easy editing (Picasa and Lightroom are both simple).  Add some light and some contrast, and you will be amazed at how big of a difference it will make on your pictures. A good tip to remember is that the whites should be white, and the blacks should be black.

4. Focus

Please don’t post pictures that are out of focus. It hurts my eyes.

5. Bigger is Better

Save the readers from having to click on each picture to get an idea of what the picture is all about. Post a picture big enough where they don’t have to click on it, but not so big that they feel they’ve lost their personal space. Your pictures and design are the look of your blog, so make the look worthy of your writing. Having problems with your writing? Check out Fuel Your Writing and Fuel Your Blogging for tips!


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