Choosing The Right Camera for YOU

It’s probably the most common question asked when dealing with photography. Go ahead, say it with me…. “What camera do you use?”. The second someone sees an amazing picture, they don’t ask about your photography background, how many hours you’ve spent studying, shooting, reading, editing. No, none of the credit goes to you. It all goes to the camera. And maybe a little to the lens. So how important is the camera? Well, it’s pretty imporatant, but not all that it’s cracked up to be. So for those of you who need a little guidance in which camera you should buy, I’m going to tell you.

When it comes to buying a camera, there are two companies – Nikon and Canon – that are dominating the industry. What’s the difference? In my experience with using both of them, I have found that Nikon gives a sharper, more concentrated look, and Canon gives a softer, more delicate look.  Keep that in mind – but also the lens possibilities  before you decide which way you will swing. Once you have decided that, here are our suggestions for cameras:

For the beginners who want to graduate from the point and shoot to dSLR, but don’t want to spend a fortune. The people who will never change the dial off Auto. You just want better pictures w/o the extra work. You’re a casual photographer who never plans on going pro. You want to keep it well under $1,000. Simple. Affordable. Nice pictures. Here’s your camera:


Nikon D40.

Nikon D40


EOS Rebel XS (a.k.a. 1000D)

Canon Rebel XS

Now we take a step up to those who are taking photography to the next level. Not just casual, but a serious hobby and maybe hoping to go pro one day. Still don’t want to spend 3 months rent for your camera, but are willing to make a little more of  a sacrifice to reap the benefits of the outcome of picture quality. Your ranged of budget is somewhere between $1,000-$2,000. Committed. Determined. Passionate. Here’s your camera:



Nikon D90



Canon 50D

And now for the bigwigs. I probably don’t even have to recommend anything, because if you are serious enough to drop this much money on camera equipment, then you probably already know what you are doing and have done the research yourself. But just for kicks, I’ll add my two cents. We’re talking full frame, complete and total camera package. Budget: $2,000+. Professional. Serious. Moneymaker.



Nikon D3


EOS 5D Mark II

Canon 5D Mark II

There you have it folks. Now get shopping.


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