How to Improve Your Branding with Consistency

Thank you for checking-out my latest blog post. This post is an introduction into using design principles to help your photography business. We kick-off this series with one of my favorite design principles: Consistency. Fortune 500 companies use this design principle all the time, and so can you! In this post, we will be discussing three types of Consistency: Visual, External, and Internal, and how they affect your branding and photography business.

ikeaVisual Consistency
Your website, logo, company colors, business cards, and your photography are all examples of visual consistency. These are the visual clues that relate your business, photography, and brand to the world. All of these pieces need to interact with each other in order to have successful branding. A great exercise to think about is this: If I had ten photographers business cards, and I placed them out on a table – I should be able to determine who owns each business card by simply looking at their website. The colors, design elements, and font on the business cards should be consistent with those on the websites. Imagine what would happen if IKEA changed the colors on their buildings to red and black, yet kept their logo and other marketing materials blue and yellow. There would be a sense of disconnect, because the buildings were not consistent with their marketing materials.

External Consistency chipotle
External consistency is how you interact with clients on an operational level. This includes how clients can hire you, order photos, and how your respond to them. If I’m a client of yours and I refer my friend to you, I should be able to tell my friend the steps and procedures to schedule a session and purchase photos from you. This is the same type of consistency that chain restaurants use. For example, how you place an order at a Chipotle in California is the same as in a Chipotle in Ohio. Also, if I’m a client of yours and you respond quickly to my voicemails and emails, the people that I refer to you should experience the same type of service.

Internal Consistency toms
This type of consistency basically means: If I hire you, I expect to get you. Internal consistency is about being the same type of person that clients have seen, or heard about. This means that if you are a cheerful and optimistic person on your website, blog, or online videos, you should be the same type of person during your interactions with your clients. For example, if you purchase tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld perform stand-up comedy, your expectations are based on seeing a certain type of style of comedy. It would not be consistent if Seinfeld’s act was two hours of prop jokes ala Carrot Top. I’ll leave you with this quote:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hope you found this post helpful. Stay tuned to Fuel Your Photography for future posts on using design principles to help your photography business.

About the Author:

For the past five years, darkroomRYAN has worked with Fortune 500 clients. As the owner of Darkroom Branding, he now provides marketing and branding strategies for photographers. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at: @darkroomRYAN


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