Indie Spotlight: José Luis Sebastiá

Each Monday, we’ll highlight one indie photographer whose body of work deserves special recognition. Please enjoy their photography here, and make it a point to enjoy the rest of their work on their website.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Ciudad de las ciencias

This week the Indie Spotlight shines on the work of José Luis Sebastiá from the beautiful city Valencia, Spain.  José believes that the world is full of photos.  He sees opportunity in things big and small, in light and darkness and in the near and far.  His goal is to discover and capture them.

José’s work tends to vary between very richly colored images and structurally strong black and white shots.  He enjoys nature, landscape and city photography but also likes to spend time looking at the smaller picture, seeking the barely visible details in macro photography.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Nice day

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Bajo el puente


José primarily uses a Nikon D90 to capture his images, coupled with his favorite lens is, a TAMRON AF18-200 macro.  He claims this lens not to be the best for anything specific; rather that it is good for nearly everything.  When shooting specifically macro he reaches for his TAMROM 90/2.8 macro.  José also keeps a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150 point-and-shoot on hand for general use.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Atracando

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Arde el cielo


Natural lighting is José’s preference.  He works in RAW format, using Photoshop CS5 for post-processing improvements when necessary.  For special effects José goes to NIK software often for his black and white images.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Gaviotas


José loves the work of Zack Schnepf.  He believes it must be very difficult to capture any of his images, enduring all kinds of weather; waiting for the perfect moment to capture the shot.  He gets a sense of freedom and adventure from his photos.

José also enjoys the work of Chema Madoz. He finds his photos are simple, displaying the beauty in everyday objects.  Geometry is very important in his photos and he is able to convey emotion with a simple object.  He inspires José to look for the beauty that is all around.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Pinzas

What’s Next:

In the future José would love to shoot some of the greatest landscapes in North America, like Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and Alaska.

He has heard of a technique developed by Zack Schnepf of Portland, OR, that he calls ‘Advanced Photoshop Tonality Control.’  This technique is similar to HDR, but it´s not an automatic process.   This is an area José would like to explore.  He would also like to explore extended exposure photography, capturing the movement of the clouds, water and the sun rising and setting.

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Guggenheim

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Flores


José’s portfolio –

José’s galleries:

Jorge Luis Sebastia - Dulce anochecer

Dave is a musician, photographer and writer from Nazareth, PA. He works in the computer networking field but his passions lie in his music and photography. He can often be found leaving home with his bass guitar and his camera bag on his shoulder. Dave enjoys shooting landscapes and wildlife but would prefer combine his crafts and be a concert photographer.


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