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Letter From The Editor – Photography in 2013

Dear Readers:

Surprise, we are into the second month of the year and it seems to be a bountiful year for photography.  This year will bring the advent of many technological advances to cameras, included in this I expect that the Android operating system will come to our SLRs and on that note also the advent of mirrorless cameras such as the Sony NEX series will become more prominent.  Nowadays the mirrorless cameras are matching the creative control of the SLR in every way and as a benefit not only are they more compact but they are less expensive to obtain a high megapixel unit with a decent lens.  We now, as photographers, need to match their introduction of more capable cameras with increased creativity.

Trade Shows

DSLR camera

While cameras are not a mainstay at the annual Consumer Electronics Show and the fact that the CES show has become more of a marketing thrust than the actual introduction of bleeding edge new tech cameras were not entirely left out as evidenced by the CNET roundup.  The event for photographers to watch this year is The Big Photo Show if you are free and in the Los Angles area on May 4th and 5th this is the show you want to attend.  This show will introduce new milestones and is purely photographic in nature.  The show traditionally introduces new cameras, lenses, camera technologies, education both in terms of photographic technique and editing software and all the accoutrements that go along with photography.

Mobile Photography

Cell phone lenses from Photojojo

Cell phone lenses from Photojojo

We can also expect an increased interest in photography and now video with the runaway success of Instagram and now Vine, the latter being a recent app that allows you to share six second video clips in a similar way that you share images on Instagram.  At the current time Vine is available only for IOS but will soon come to Android and other platforms.  We can expect to see more capable smartphone and while these don’t operate with the same creative capability of our SLRs they do offer the opportunity to have a camera with you at all times, it is expected that the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone will be upgraded with Sony’s 13 megapixel sensor.  Also there is a brand new trend where images that have been shot on our ‘real’ cameras are now edited in mobile apps such as Snapseed and Pixlr, if you have not tried these apps on your smartphone yet I urge you to do so immediately.  You are likely to breathe new life into old images and also discover new ideas for editing which you may then refine on your traditional editing platform, both apps are free.

Upping Our Game


In the past month, the readership of FYP has tremendously increased with more participation from around the world, this goes hand in hand with our team of writers from around the world, many of you know that I’m based on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, but our writing team brings you creativity and instruction from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia and many others.  This year we seek to expand our writers so if you like to share your experience and boost your own knowledge feel free to drop me an email [email protected] or comment on this article.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Take care!

-  Jeremy


Jeremy is a consultant, educator and photographer based in the Caribbean. He shoots an eclectic range of material but his favorite subjects are urban and seacapes, people and aircraft. He mixes his love of technology, and travel with his photography. After a brief post college hiatus he picked up his camera again in 2003 and has been shooting non-stop. You may view his work at or you may follow him on Google+


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