Power Station

Kim Høltermand


It could be a scene from Alien or a Sci-Fi classic made by Stanley Kubrick, but “Power Station” was actually shot at one the worlds most energy sufficient power plants – Avedøre Power Station. Located south of Copenhagen in Denmark, Avedøre Power Station consists of two power station units – Avedøre Power Station’s unit 1 from 1990 by Claus Bjarrum Architects and unit 2 from 2001 by Jørgen Hauxner, Krarup & Mortensen Architects.




I wanted to capture the mood and size of this enormous building, and standing in the core of this behemoth made me feel like I was trapped on the set of a Sci-Fi movie or a cathedral from the future – and very much alone. My inspiration for this series came from various directions: Retro Sci-Fi movies, Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and the list goes on. “Sci-Fi” was the word I had in mind and the mood I wanted to capture.  During the “pre-shoot” period I listened to a lot of Sci-Fi movie soundtracks to get in the mood – also a lot of ambient and lounge music. I often use music as a source of inspiration.



No artificial light sources were used in the shoot. All the light you see in the images is the natural light inside Avedøre Power Station- which in some places is freaking scary.  Luckily I was never alone in there due to security reasons. I shot the entire series with my Canon EOS 50D, mounted with my Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM lens. I shot nearly 1000 frames inside the Power Station resulting in 13 images that made it into the series. In most of the shots the ISO speed was set to between 500-1500 due to the poor light conditions and  a shutter speed at around 1/30. I then edited the images in Adobe Photoshop, mainly adjusting contrast and color, giving them a greenish “alien” look.  I started out by bleaching/desaturating the colors and adding a little green/blue tone. I then applied more contrast to make the images more dramatic.


About the Author


Kim Høltermand is an autodidact architecture photographer from Denmark. Kim has been featured in international magazines such as GRAFIK, Dwell, ESPER and Candy Magazine along with mentioning in numerous blogs around the world and was awarded Best of the Year by Netdiver Magazine in 2008.



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