Weekend Photo Find: Learn to Fly

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Trascending by m-flow

"Trascending" by m-flow

Lets levitate by anzya91

"Let's levitate" by anzya91

Autumn feelings self portrait by photorific

"Autumn feelings self portrait" by photorific

Family levitate by cetrobo

"Family levitate" by cetrobo

Possession by seasonrise

"Possession" by seasonrise

The cyclist by pinkitink

"The cyclist" by pinkitink

Floating off to sleep by crazykcee

"Floating off to sleep" by crazykcee

The levitating china set by almosawieditor

"The levitating china set" by almosawieditor

I never stop dreaming by rachaelkoscica

"I never stop dreaming" by rachaelkoscica

Each Friday we will post a Weekend Photo Focus (also hash tagged on Twitter as #weekendphotofocus) on a certain subject, something to spark your creativity. An empty weekend for a photographer, is like an empty canvas, we could always use something to do when we have nothing planned right? So with this in mind we created this series, one that will get you out doing what you love. The premise is simple: snap some photos over the weekend dealing with the weekends focus, and if you send them to us, or Tweet them to us, we will post them for others to see. Having a focus will help us as artists & photographers see things that we might not always see, make us take a shot at something we might otherwise have not. In seeing other photogs chase after the same focus, it can only breed even more creativity in our own work.

At the weekends close, we will follow up our weekend focus, with what we found on the Web (including some of the photos sent from you) that falls in line with our focus. We hope you join in the fun and help us spread the creativity.

example of a tweet to us:

@fuelphotography One more submission for this week’s #weekendphotofocus, New Life & Spring: http://bit.ly/aY1oC7

Studying photography at UWE, Bristol, Ameena is a self-taught photographer and retoucher, working to get into the fashion photography industry. Cinematography and portraiture are her two favourite genres, and she loves to create and tell stories. In her spare time, she likes to play sports, video games, and lose herself in good books
Follow her on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zombiemeena


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