Weekly Photog Fuel-Up: July 5–11,2010

This weeks round-up of Fuel Your Photography’s posts including  the hottest links and podcasts and other fun stuff from around the web. My weeks are pretty jam-packed, so getting out there and reading and listening to as much as I can can be a challenge in its own right. These are just a few of my recommendations, you are welcome to share yours in the comments below.

Fuel Your Photography


“Garden Archway” by Jesse Conklin

Outside The Box: Painting With Light

Jesse Conklin discusses the technique of using your available light in a different way, when taking outdoor shots.

Every type of light has its own unique qualities.  Just as a master painter understands the language of color, and uses the entire spectrum to create his masterpieces, the wise photographer learns those qualities and works with them…


The End by Christolakis

Focus Contest: Sunrise. Sunset. A Case of the Diptych

Our first big contest at Fuel Your Photography. We take our normal weekly photo focus and turn it on its head for a month long focus challenge. The winner will receive a Lens Baby Composer.

Submit: into our Fuel Flickr Pool, link in the bottom of this post, or tweet us. Just use the tag#FYPcontest (see submission guidelines below for further details)

Deadline for Submissions: July 26, 2010 12 noon EST – follow submission guidelines at bottom of post.

Winners & Submitted Photos Follow up: July 28, 2010


by Jason Muelver.

Weekend Photo Find: Waking up.

Last weekend’s photo focus round-up

Hot Articles & Links From the Web

Article of the Week: The one thing that will really make you a better photographer

I’m not going to spoil it for you, just read it.

A Picture of the Future with Canon Wonder Camera Concept

Canon has some wild ideas (albeit logical) about the evolution of our future camera. Can we say “single lens”?

The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris

In what turned out to be one of the most controversial posts this week, the guys at Fstoppers.com posted a vid of a Fashion Shoot shot on an iPhone. The controversy cropped up when the behind the scenes video showed them using lots of light and sending the photos off to a post-production house for touch-up. I think they did great for what they had, and that the controversy was just plain crazy. A lot of photographers (especially in the Fashion industry) now a days use post processing of some sort. Macgasm also posted a counter point to their video: Why the 3GS fashion shoot is misleading

Controversy Crops Up Over Economist Cover Photo

A look at what the Economist did to a picture of Obama surveying the oil spill. Not good.

Photo Apps & Software

App of the Week: FlickStackr for iPad, iPod & iPhone

A great little program for both iPad and iPhone that allow you to access your complete FLickr account, and your contacts, plus allows browsing of groups/pools. The app is jammed with super nice features, but as a photog, I like having the ability to whip out my photos anywhere, and this app allows me to complete that task.

Diptic App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

A little gem, that with some more work and time can be a great app. In short it allows you to combine multiple photos create Diptychs, Triptychs directly from your iPhone, or iPad

Podcasts to Put on Your Playlist

Podcast of the Week: TWIP# 156: Hitting The Road

Alex talks with Beth and Chris Fenwick, who took their talents on the road to visit America’s historic Route 66.

Photogs to Put on Your Radar

Photog of the Week: Shooters Images

I’m a big bike guy, and I am constantly looking at their photography in every magazine I read. They make great art, out of great art. They have an eye for composition that brings you into the photograph, and are one of the best out here in automotive photography. Check them out if you are interested in the beauty of motorcycles.

Ron Heerkens Jr (http://www,ronheerkensjr.com) is President of GF Media Entertainment multimedia studio (http://goatfactorymedia.com). Key areas of focus are Film, Photography, and Sound Design. Also a musician, actor, lover of comics. Lives life in Rochester, New York with his wife, daughters and dogs. You can follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/gfmedia or contact him by email: [email protected]


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