Weekly Photog Fuel Up: June 6-12, 2010

Introducing our weekly round-up of Fuel Your Photography’s weekly posts including  the hottest links and podcasts and other fun stuff from around the web.

Fuel Your Photography

clientsandsnows Making It: Clients & Snowflakes

Patrick Onofre introduces us to the cast of characters, the clients, that you will inevitably be introduced to in your journey to becoming a professional photographer.

There are photographers out in the world that have a “my way or the highway” approach, and in doing this, they drive away a lot of business. If they had the people skills to know…


Fountain Indie Spotlight: Roy L. Carrington Jr.

Our next look into the photogs whose names haven’t been put up in the big lights. Jesse Conklin says we should keep an eye on this emerging indie photographer.

He never used to shoot pictures with people in them, but now he almost never takes a shot without someone in it. He’s always loved the work of Ansel Adams…




Last weekend’s photo focus round-up



Shadows & Skylines

This weekend’s photo focus, centered on taking that are backlit by skylines. These can create some unique photographs where timing and exposure are everything.

…though it’s hard with this one to come up with a really unique photograph, so easy to come up with boring silhouette shots, I always try and strive for something totally unique in the detail…



Hot Articles & Links From the Web

Article of the Week: The Best City in The World

Pictory releases their latest in their line of photo stories, this time with their focus on NYC. If you are a photog I would suggest submitting your work when it lines up with the focus.

Zack Arias Live Blog

To be highlighted in a a future article, this comes on the heals of another amazing Creative Live series. The work that Zack Arias, Chase Jarvis and many others is really providing a great educational environment for photogs on any level. The fact that these are live, broadcast thru USTREAM, and they are taking your questions thru Twitter make the whole process that much more enjoyable. If you haven’t taken a look at what they are doing I suggest you get off you duff and do so.

Camera+ App

If you own an iPhone, you owe it to yourself to get this application. I downloaded it the other day, and now use it as my primary camera taking app. Its so good that I wish Apple would buy them or hire them to redesign their internal application.


Podcast of The Week

Podcast of the Week: TWIP # 152

TWIP takes the time for this week discussing the controversies popping up in several states regarding photographers and photographing in public places. One of the more interesting parts is when they discuss having to get permission from ALL parties involved or you can be sued. This also happened to be recorded during the iPhone 4 announcement was being made, which leads to them sharing their thoughts on how this may influence photographers.


Photogs To Put On Your Radar

Photog of the Week: Roy L. Carrington Jr.

Jesse Conklin did a spotlight on him, and for good reason, the man puts out great images. Check him out.

Ron Heerkens Jr (http://www,ronheerkensjr.com) is President of GF Media Entertainment multimedia studio (http://goatfactorymedia.com). Key areas of focus are Film, Photography, and Sound Design. Also a musician, actor, lover of comics. Lives life in Rochester, New York with his wife, daughters and dogs. You can follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/gfmedia or contact him by email: [email protected]


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